About Us

At Askala we believe in exceptional furniture that comes from the heart. With history, passion and a love of great craftsmanship.
We also believe in furniture that lasts - both in quality and design.

Askala was founded 2001 and our roots date back to 1880 when one of the most modern furniture factories A. M. Luther factory was established. During the years Askala has changed almost completely, but the value of furniture remain sacred to our company.

Besides Askala own Scandinavian style brands we also offer an opportunity for dealers, wholesalers and retail chains to develop under private label concept closely together new cost effective products and ranges which will fit best for target markets.

Askala is specialized in producing knockdown furniture from solid wood glueboards, as we believe that solid wood furniture has benefits like durability, hardness, preciousness, edging free design, restoration opportunity and nice cozy home feeling what you get comparing with chipboard and MDF furniture.



Askala 3000m² production facility is located in Tallinn on side of the Baltic Sea giving us an access to the main trade routes and can easily send cargo in every part of the Europe in a week.

Thanks to recent investments in machinery, ERP software and following LEAN philosophy we have been trustworthy partner to our customers regarding on- time deliveries.

Askala uses mainly pine glueboard, birch glueboard and plywood for the furniture. To stress solid wood personality Askala also perform special treatments like brushing and shrinkage for finishing.

Thanks to our modern machinery, we are flexible when it comes to quantities. Efficient production quantity is 50-300pcs per product.


We believe that wood is the right material for making furniture, because it´s the only renewable raw material used on a large scale by furniture industries. Also wood is durable and if damaged it can be restored.

Most of the timber we use comes from nearby forests, supplied by adhering to the principles of sustainability and biodiversity. Askala has FSC® certificate (license no. FSC-C092671).

Every little piece of sawdust is turned to bioenergy for our factory heating system.

Askala uses only natural water based finishing materials and we are focused on making flat-pack furniture that helps a lot to save from transportation costs.

We have contributed a lot to leave as small footprint on the worlds eco-system as possible.