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Whether it's your sexy little secret or a way to creatively express your womanhood, horizontal clitoris piercings will help you feel comfortable with yourself and give you a sense of ownership over your own body. You can go a little lower and get a hip piercing instead. Frenum Piercing The frenum piercing is one of the most directly stimulating genital piercings.

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Kako, I. And we don't see it going out of style anytime soon either! Navel piercings look great on everyone, regardless of their gender, and they can be customized with different styles of jewellery. If you prefer the classic stud or love something that dangles from your belly button bling, you can find it here! Nipple Piercing For some, a nipple piercing is their sexy little secret. It's something that makes them feel sexy that isn't too obvious on the surface until it's time to let them out.

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Others prefer to show them off because they feel more powerful and confident in their body to do so. No matter which kind of person you are, you are sure to find trendy, safe, and affordable jewellery for nipple piercings right here.

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Whether you're looking for discreet little accents or prefer something that can make a statement, we have the perfect pair of piercings to suit your tastes! Spine Piercing Unlike the more temporary and fetish-oriented Sex Hurt Spin piercing, Spine Dermals are more minimalistic and are designed to last. Made using a single line of dermal anchors, the Spine Piercing is meant to mimic the arrangement of your spinal discs as the transdermal implants run down your back. You can choose how long you want your Spine Dermals to be, depending on how you dress and how often you'll be showing them off.

Spine dermals are a great way to show off your back as the simple look of the dermals can accentuate the natural curves and grooves for a subtle but sexy look.

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Sternum Piercing If you love showing off your cleavage or wearing low cut shirts, why not show off a little more than skin by getting a sexy sternum piercing? It's an unexpected area for a piercing, and it's certainly eye-catching too.

You can freely decide the placement and the kind of jewellery you want for it.

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Want three dermal piercings going down your chest? Go for it! Fancy a vertical cleavage piercing instead? You do you! Prefer a vertical chest piercing a little closer to your collarbones? It's totally up to you! This is a sexy surface piercing that favours the bold and creative. True Navel Piercing There's a common misconception out there that you can't get a navel piercing if you have an outie or an actual belly button.

Instead of the jewellery going through the skin above your navel, Sex Hurt Spin piercing will go straight through your outie. True Navel piercings also get done with different jewellery, such as hoops or captive rings. Remember, having an outie doesn't make you any less attractive. A true navel piercing can help you flaunt it with pride! Vampire Bites Do you love vampires and want a piercing that can show off your love for them?

The vampire bite piercing is the perfect piercing for you!

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Also called the vampire's kiss or a neck surface piercing, this piercing is meant to mimic fang marks as if a vampire has fed on you. It is done by inserting a surfaced bar somewhere along the side of your neck. While it's certainly eye-catching and makes a bold statement, this piercing is also quite sexy because of its placement on your neck and proximity to your jawline or clavicle.

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Show off your dark and sultry side with this piercing! Wrist Piercing Surface piercings are popular because of their versatility, you can even pierce your wrist these days too! This is a great piercing option for you if most wrist jewellery just looks awkward or unflattering on your wrist. Wrist piercings are eye-catching but not so flashy that they might look jarring to some.

It can also be worn horizontally and vertically, depending on your personal style and preference. Surface barbells are commonly used for this piercing because they have a discreet and delicate look. You can find the perfect jewellery with a design that you like right here! Genital M Lucky you! With all the piercable areas that the male genitalia offers, you've got more options and more room for creative and erotic self-expression.

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Your partner might experience a different level of sexual pleasure because of the added sensations, too. There are even genital piercings that you'll love if you want to enhance your own sexual experience.

But your reasons for getting a genital piercing don't just need to be sexual. If you're proud of your junk, a genital piercing will make showing it off even more exciting. Curate the perfect piercing collection that matches your personal anatomy right here!

Ampallang The Ampallang piercing is what you get when you take an Apradavya piercing and turn it around. It goes horizontally through the glans and is considered a functional piercing.

This means that Ampallang piercings are specifically designed to give you and your partner enhanced stimulation during sex - which is an automatic win-win in our book. While there is that obvious sexual aspect, Ampallang piercings are also aesthetically pleasing.

They might not be as flashy as other genital piercings, they can still make a sexy statement. You get a confidence boost from a pretty badass piercing, and your partner will love the feel of it too! Apadravya Gentlemen, are you looking for a hot and sexy piercing that will really impress your lady? Visible piercings are great and all, but if you're brave enough to get pierced down there, your partner will be incredibly pleased when it's time to get intimate with her.

Meet the Apadravya piercing, which goes through the glans and is designed to hit a woman's g-spot. Some would describe it like a Sex Hurt Spin g-spot vibrator. Aside from heightened pleasure, Apadravya piercings also look really cool, which is why they're the most popular male genital piercing. Not only that, your partner will love it too! Apadydoe The Apadydoe piercing combines the Apadravya and dydoe piercings to create a daringly attractive and striking piercing that's unlike any other.

This is a more intense male genital piercing in many ways and is best suited for the brave souls who want to take things a step further. It is typically done with a captive bead ring with a relatively large gauge. Moreover, Apadydoe piercings are usually done in pairs for better aesthetic value and potential sexual stimulation.

It is recommended that you get Apadydoe piercings gradually, starting with the Apadravya then a Dydoe and connecting both piercings with jewellery later on. It's worth the wait!

Dermal Anchor M Dermal anchor piercings allow you to wear piercings anywhere you want, even on places in your body that don't look like they can really be pierced. Yes, that includes your genital area. This is because they are single-entry piercings that can be implanted into your skin, so you can be as creative as you want, even down there.

A dermal anchor or two strategically placed on the shaft of the penis or pubic bone can have a simple but visually stunning look. If you're not a huge fan of more traditional genital piercings that overpower your best asset, dermal anchors will simply highlight and emphasize it even more.

Dolphin Piercing Dolphin piercings have been gaining popularity over the last few years in the genital piercing department. Similar to the Prince Albert piercing in terms of insertion, Dolphin piercings are placed lower down on the underside of the penis, below the glans. It can be done once the wearer has a fully healed Prince Albert piercing to make the process easier and smoother. Dolphin piercings can also complement Sex Hurt Spin existing Prince Albert piercing.

Both are functional piercings, and Dolphin piercings can provide deeper urethral stimulation during intercourse. It's perfect for someone who wants to present something visually different down there and loves urethral play. Dydoe Want to look tough but sophisticated down there? Dydoe piercings are Luu valus polve pretty good way to achieve that.

It's made by a single or grouping of curved barbells through the ridged edge of your glans. After all, you already have two heads - why not give the other one a crown? You'll definitely Polve margid valus a lot more confident about your body, and Sex Hurt Spin will be a cool thing to show off.

Your partner will love the added stimulation in the bedroom too! If you've got the anatomy for dydoe piercings this piercing isn't recommended for those of you who are Sex Hurt Spindefinitely go for it! Deep Dydoe A Deep Dydoe is a Dydoe piercing where the exit point of the barbell is close to the urethral opening instead of the coronal ridge of the penis.

Also called the Zephyr, Deep Dydoe piercings are also functional piercings that stimulate the nerve endings in the glans and provide extra stimulation to your partner during anal sex.

Deep Dydoe piercings are functional and stylish, what more could you ask for? Frenum Piercing The frenum piercing is one of the most directly stimulating genital piercings. Through direct contact with the scores of nerve endings Sex Hurt Spin glans and frenum, both the pierced and his partner can experience new and incredible sensations.

Additionally, the piercing heals relatively quickly and usually without issues.

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For these reasons, the frenum piercing, which was first seen in Oceania, is one of the most widespread genital piercings. Barbells and piercing rings are popular choices for adornment, but also a larger ring encompassing the shaft can be worn. Guiche Piercing If you've got a daring side or just love sexy piercings, say hello to the Guiche piercing, your new relationship aid.

Definitely not for the weak-willed, this piercing Osteokondroos Milline koor a large ball closure ring inserted through your perineum, either horizontally or Sex Hurt Spin. While there is a definite sexual side to this piercing, you can also get it to feel more confident about your body and self.

The potential stimulation that a guiche piercing can provide can help you and your partner feel closer to each other, too. Trust us, you and your partner will love the look and feel of this piercing!

Hafada Scrotum piercings are one way to jazz up your piercing curation down there. You can really get creative with the placement of different piercings to create a fun design. The Hafada piercings is a specific type of Sex Hurt Spin piercing Sex Hurt Spin is placed on one side or both sides higher up on the scrotum's natural fold. While Hafada piercings certainly look sexy and are sure to be a turn on for some, they're definitely more ornamental.

It's definitely an interesting and versatile piercing option if you want to feel more confident. Your partner might enjoy the sensation of your Hafada piercings if they hit the right spot though. But did you know that there are other ways to do a urethra piercing too?

There are Nessus and Transurethral piercings, for example. Urethra piercings are ideal piercings to get for people who desire increased urethral stimulation because of their placement. Depending on the urethral piercing you get, the added pressure can increase the sensations you and your partner feel, leading to more experimental fun in the bedroom. In our book, adding extra pleasure into the mix is always a good thing.

Lorum Piercing While a lot of genital piercings are specifically designed to be functional, some are really just for show. And there's nothing wrong with that!

You can get piercings for a number of reasons - even if you just love pushing the limits of creative and sexy self-expression or self-love.

That's where the Lorum piercing comes in. A combination of the words "low" and "frenum", a Lorum piercing is done when a captive bead ring is inserted where the base of the shaft meets the scrotum. That being said, Lorum piercings aren't very visible at first. Whether it's your secret or a surprise is up to you!

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Magic Cross Create something visually stunning and potentially sexually stimulating with the Magic Cross piercing! Made by combining an Ampallang and an Apadravya piercing, the vertical and horizontal insertion of the jewellery will make it look like your glans is dotted with studs.

This type of genital piercing is definitely not for the faint of heart we can probably say the same for your partner, too and will surely give you a huge boost in confidence!

After all, not everyone has the guts or anatomy to pull this off. You'll certainly stand out more for having one of the very rarest piercings.

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Oetang Piercing There a lot of benefits to being uncut, and there is nothing unhygienic or strange about it. If you were looking for another reason to love having your Vaikese kate valu, why not pierce it?

The Oetang Piercing is designed to keep your foreskin cinched for a cleaner and more stylish look. Oetang Piercings also look minimalistic and subtle, so you don't need to worry about it being too flashy or intense. An Oetang Piercing will simply highlight and enhance the look of your foreskin.

If you're looking for the perfect jewellery to use for your Oetang Piercing, you've come to the right place! Reverse Prince Albert Do you fancy a genital piercing that's functional but a bit more subtle? Go for the reverse Prince Albert. Similar in placement to the Apadravya piercing, the jewellery goes through the top of the glans usually centered and exits through the urethra.

It can either be done with a larger ball closure ring or curved barbell. The result is a less intense-looking piercing that can offer your partner another level of sexual pleasure. Whether you're looking for a way to change up your appearance or Sex Hurt Spin bring you and your partner closer together, a reverse Prince Albert is a very good option. Pubic Pubic piercings are the closest thing you can get to an actual genital piercing without going all the way.

After all, there's something incredibly sexy about the Sex Hurt Spin of suggestion. And what could be more evocative or provocative than a Sex Hurt Spin on your pubic area, where it's just above your privates? Pubic piercings will definitely make a clear statement, and you'll love the boost in confidence. It can be something fun and unexpected that you can show off, especially if you don't have other more visible piercings.

While we wouldn't exactly call pubic piercings a functional piercing - your sexual partner might beg to differ though. Scrotal Ladder There's no denying the fact that scrotal piercings are a stunning visual. They can give you a huge boost in confidence and also make you feel really sexy. If you really want a striking and alluring piercing, the Scrotal Ladder piercing is one worth getting. Made of a row of Hafada piercings that are arranged along the scrotum and can extend all the way to the perineum, the scrotal ladder is definitely an inventive but also sensual piercing.

As a bonus, scrotal piercings aren't as painful compared to other types of genital piercings so you can build up your ladder without too much discomfort.