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Photo: Arne Ader 59 The glacier broke off bedrock and swept glacial erratics along with it. This one may be several hundred years old. Estonian children were warned not to fall asleep in the bogs.

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At the same time, the trees protect pastures from drought, and their leaves fertilize the soil. In autumn, a wealth of edible mushrooms, such as champignons and ink caps, can be found in damp wooded pastures.

Especially crucial are coastal meadows that are submerged by rising briny tides — hunting grounds, where waders can peck worms and bugs out of the shallow water.

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These birds require low grass for survival: a dense saline meadow dotted by puddles and mud patches. Since coastal meadows tend to become overgrown and drain, the dunlin is an endangered species.

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Photo: Kaarel Kaisel Today, Estonian livestock farming is dominated by dairy cows and pigs, kept primarily in barns. Sheep and beef cattle are raised in the few wooded pastures that have been preserved, an area of about 40 km2. Taking strolls through wooded pastures as a pleasant pastime is mentioned less often.

The eye relaxes when taking in such spectacular landscape: cows browsing between trees and bushes dotting the expanse of wooded grazing land. It creates a feeling of home.

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Herds of large herbivores calm the senses, since the sight signals to the unconscious mind that there is an endless supply of food. When the Huns were sacking Rome, Estonians started to utilize the scythe, thus beginning an era of scything that lasts to this day.

Scything keeps the landscape clear of brush, which allows birds to land safely and not have to worry about a fox or raccoon dog stalking them from a shrub. Laelatu wooded meadow. Males secrete a smell of Russia leather that is discernable several meters away; it is also slightly reminiscent of the scent of apricots or plums. Top Brush Hood

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The beetles live in hollow oak trunks that are decomposing but still alive. Photo: Ilmar Süda 37 Find a lynx in the picture. Since traditional farmsteads were replaced by massive collective farms and urban living during the Soviet occupation, very few people were left in the countryside to head out to the meadows or the coast to scythe.

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Now, the coastal meadows and thin layers of soil atop the limestone bedrock are covered mostly with juniper in some places, and with deciduous shrub in others. It is certainly not a jungle that requires a machete, but the densest areas can only be navigated by walking sideways and with eyes closed.

However, brush requires the reforestation of agricultural landscape, and so Mikita puts forth a spiritual challenge: should one be saddened, or rather cheered by this agricultural decline?

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Shrubland is like a child-forest that is merely a nuisance at first, but that grows up to become mighty woods, forgetting that man once saw himself as its master.

When brush is left alone, it transforms into a thicket of alders or other deciduous trees, in the shade of which firs and pines gradually spring up. Geographically, Estonia is positioned in a band of coniferous and mixed forests. Similar wooded areas might have covered Poland, 40 Tawny owlets.

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Photo: Remo Savisaar Fallen tree trunks create a good environment in a forest. Animals can make their homes in a windthrow. Mouldering wood house insects, who in their turn are food for birds.

Teostame kõikvõimalikke keevitustöid — sealhulgas värviliste metallide keevitamine alumiinium, vask, messing, titaan, roostevaba.

Human impact, climate change, humidity, and soil type have all combined here to produce dozens of very Top Brush Hood types of forests with a myriad of designations in the Estonian language: puistu standkõrb a large uninhabited forestlaas a primeval foresthiis a clump of trees on otherwise open landscape, often a holy sitesalu similar to a hiis, often deciduousharvik sparse woodspadrik a moist thickettihnik thick brush similar to a padrikand rägastik typical of Estonian landscape, a dense thicket similar to the previous two.

Forests can also be named in copses according to the dominant trees: kuusik a fir copsekaasik a birch copseetc. Forest and shrubland now cover about half of Estonian Top Brush Hood. If brush is not quickly put under environmental protection, it may be destroyed and replaced by more rational land usage. Estonians have maintained the practice of honoring age-old trees and bringing them offerings. Legend has it that a couple who meets beneath it will have seven boys and will stay together for life.

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The tree was especially popular during the Great Northern War, when plague spread and it was brought bountiful offerings of bread and salt.

Estonian cemeteries, farmsteads, and parks are also often home to ancient trees. Today, hundreds of sheep in addition to a few calves, dogs, and goats fall victim to wolves in Estonia each year. Photo: Arne Ader When the wolves have been fed, the sheep go to bed In his book The Man Who Spoke Snakish, Andrus Kivirähk describes how the Estonians of ancient times lived mainly in the forests, which were then crisscrossed by footpaths.

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When people moved to the villages, most of these trails disappeared into the undergrowth. Even so, the forest paths were still there, leading from one village to the next.


Trips to neighboring villages are nowadays taken by car, so footpaths are mainly used for hiking, fishing, hunting, or mushroom and berry foraging.

Wild animals use them, too. Though by concealing yourself somewhere near an animal trail, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of them. Small paths act as transit-ways for forest animals. Wildlife needs to be on the move, since their various functions for survival may lie geographically far apart.

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For instance, an animal may find shelter in the brush, drinking water from a stream, and food in an open area. Yet, food tends to run from you, to run out entirely, or be destroyed by other means, as a result of which animals must be in motion.

The changing of seasons may also bring a need for relocation.

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Journeys are necessary when fellow species members have driven off prey, or when an animal is searching for a partner or a herd to join. Nowadays, Estonia is spanned by large highways and railways that come with wide safety zones, ditches and 44 Fox hunting. Photo: Arne Ader fences, all of which impede animal migration. Slower wildlife, such as frogs and snakes, can be killed easily by traffic.

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Larger species are hit by vehicles more rarely, but their slow reproduction means that populations cannot rejuvenate quickly. The highway network isolates more cautious animals into small, stationary groups, where they are unable to enrich their genetic material or form large herds characteristic of their species.

If a male and female live on opposite sides of heavy traffic, they may never meet to procreate, and the species can die out.

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The limitation of migratory paths and the fragmentation of habitats is a new threat to Estonian wildlife. Adders live in grassy mixed forests, on the edges of copses, in logged clearings, swamps, and also fruit and vegetable gardens. They are stationary creatures that do not slither more than a hundred meters from their homes.

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Adders do not hatch from eggs: they give live birth. Üks sisemine pihustusriba keemilise puhastus- või desinfitseerimislahuse pihustamiseks.

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